WorkshopsElucidating Complex Networking Technologies

Metanoia, Inc.'s workshops and technology seminars are unique in their twin focus: elucidating complex communication technologies while putting them in the relevant context - namely, the evolving market, current and future needs of providers/enterprises, practical considerations that extend beyond just technology, and current and upcoming systems/technologies under development and deployment. They have benefited senior architects, network and system engineers, advanced hardware or software development engineers, chip designers, and management from over 50 leading organizations

Metanoia, Inc. is a speciality technology consultancy based in Mountain View, California that undertakes deep-dive technical consulting in telecom network, systems, software and chip architecture and design for clients across the world. Its services have spanned 4 continents, with clients in: North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with its principals having provided services in technology strategies, architecture and design trade-offs, product development, hardware/software architecture, and knowledge enhancement to organizations that include large equipment manufacturers, international, national and regional ISPs, premier metro/access systems startups, network planning tool vendors, established software and technology houses, and leading component/semiconductor vendors. 

The team at Metanoia, Inc. have collectively over 125 man years of technology design and development, and technology management experience behind them, having worked at leading global corporations, such as Apple, AOL Time Warner, BBN, Cisco, 3Com, Fujitsu, LSI Logic, Motorola, Tellabs, Siemens, Nokia, Tibco, and Qualcomm, and having worked at/consulted to outstanding technology startups in the US and abroad for almost the last decade. They have between them over 70 patents issued/pending, and hold advanced graduate degrees from some of the most distinguished universities in the world - the University of California, Stanford University, Iowa State University, the University of Texas, the University of Waterloo, and the Indian Institute of Technology. 

Metanoia, Inc. is pleased to currently offer the following workshops on cutting-edge networking subjects that will be held in different parts of the world: Please click the links below to get detailed information about the workshops and buy these workshops: 

1. Modern IP-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Technology, Operation, Implementation, and Design Considerations

2. The Keys to Converged IP Networks: Traffic Engineering and Quality-of-Service - Techniques, Protocols, and Carrier Current Practices

3. MPLS: Technology for the Next-Generation Internet

4. Advanced IP/MPLS and Optical Networks: Concepts and Worldwide Standards

5. High-Performance Switch/Router Design: Theory and Practice