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 Engagement Models

The Metanoia, Inc. team works on a wide-variety and diversity of projects and assignments. In most cases, our engagement with the client falls into one of three models:

Rapid Brainstorming Sessions

These are designed for clients that want an initial assessment, industry inputs, feedback on fit with developing technology or industry trends, or initial "gotchas" in their approach, possible market reception/perception of their solutions, etc.

It is meant to be a short session, where we exchange ideas on the topic of interest to the client (on which we have typically received some materials/inputs from the client, and have looked at those), and provide them first-level inputs based on our experience in the technology or industries of interest.

This works as follows: A client contacts us for a problem/issue in advance, over email, with a short description of what they're looking for. Once we agree on the scope, we schedule a telecon/Webex or equivalent session for the appropriate duration (see slabs below), and ask the client for any background information/presentation etc. that they want us to look at prior to the session. The client makes a payment for the session, and we then hold the session at a mutually convenient time (typically, within 3 days of the payment). Post session, we are availabel answer a few follow-up questions over email or over a quick phone call.

We have 3 slabs, designed keeping in mind that different problem settings require different levels of discussion or explanation (e.g. some clients may want to present some materials first, in-person, and then have a discussion; some problems may need more time than others, etc.)

Half-hour session: $499

One-hour session: $899

Two-hour session: $1699

Please note that if the client desires an extensive engagement, such as detailed product analysis or deep-dives, detailed strategy analysis, or executive-level strategy sessions (which is a different service, where we lead an executive team through a detailed, experiential, thinking exercise about the problem/issue), then those are not candidates for our Rapid Consulting Service. Typically, if a problem requires more than 2-hours of discussions, it is a candidate for a more extensive project.

Strategy Sessions

Clients have an initial discussion with us, where we understand the client's technical/strategy issues, have an exchange of ideas, and see what specifically the executive/engineering management at the client has in mind. If the problem statement is defined well-enough that a project roadmap can be created and the client has an interest in working with us, we subsequently provide a SOW and discuss commercials.

In cases where the problem definition is unclear, which is not uncommon given that we help address tough problems (in a number of the engagements, having the clarity to help crisply define the problem is a key initial contribution of ours), the client and we focus first on defining the problem.

Thus, we are then engaged our Strategy Session(s) with executive/engineering management at the client (typically, 2-4 hours long), where we take our clients' teams systematically through a series of questions. The questions are crafted based on the client's initial description of the problem/issue and are designed to help our clients' clarify thinking, prioritize, and come up with a meaningful problem statement.

The benefit is that client's need the problem statement irrespective of how they may choose to finally address the problem. The investment for a Strategy Session typically starts between $5K - $10K, depending on the problem at hand, and goes up from there.

Turnkey Assignments

In cases where the client has a specific (even if ill-defined) problem to be solved, for example, the design of a next-generation system or the architecting of a new network or service, and the Metanoia, Inc. team and the client executive/engineering management and their corresponding teams, agree on the nature and scope of the work to be done, we do a turnkey assignment. In this case, both the client and the Metanoia, Inc. team brainstorm on the scope and complexity of the project, and come to an agreement on the extent and amount of work effort involved.

At that point, the Metanoia, Inc. team scopes the project, lays out a project roadmap and an investment, which is easy for the client team(s) and executive management to appreciate, due to the close collaboration from the Metanoia, Inc. team in that process.

Turnkey projects vary widely in scope and complexity, and can range from a few weeks duration to several months, sometimes spanning years. Such projects typically start at the $25K - $100K level and go up from there to millions of dollars.


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