Sample CasesRepresentative Intellectual Property Assignments

Internet Architecture & Design – Standardization Process and VPNs

The case involved (among other aspects) a question of standards-essential patents and IPR issues in an Internet standards setting body, where an understanding of standards processes, IPR policies, and associated rights sharing, agreed to by virtue of bringing work into that standards body, were in question. Both subject matter expertise in virtual private networks, and knowledge of the standardization process were involved in responding to an interrogatory.

Internet Architecture & Design – IP-based VPN Operation, Provisioning, Standardization

The issue was whether a Top US Global carrier, the defendant, used a procedure specified in one of the patents at issue in its global virtual private network service. The analysis required a technical dissection of the specific procedure, an assessment of the validity of the procedure and its description, an understanding of the operation, standardization, and intricacies of virtual private networks and associated technologies, and knowledge of how VPNs are provisioned and operated. The claim chart analysis and claim chart construction done contributed to the specific patent in question being dropped by the plaintiffs.

Wireless Networking – 3G/4G Network Architecture

The issue between two international telecommunications vendors was whether the communications protocols between the user and the base station in 3G/4G networks, disclosed in the patents at issue, were already disclosed in or anticipated by prior art. The assignment required the application of expertise in wireless packet networks, 4G/LTE core packet networks, and network protocols to research potential prior-art for the patents involved.

Packet Networking, Optical Networking, Internet Architecture & Design

This assignment required an analysis of about a dozen patents in very diverse telecom technology areas (out of a very large portfolio) and inputs to the attorneys and other consultants that would enable them to evaluate the value of the patents for potential acquisition. The patents covered diverse aspects (e.g., protocol operations, resilience & restoration, interworking, QoS and resource allocation) of major technology areas, such as IP/MPLS, time-division multiplexing (TDM) networks, and cable (DOCSIS).

The assignment involved deep technical analysis of the patents and background technologies, holding advanced workshops for a team comprising S&C attorneys and personnel from renowned consulting houses working on the patents to provide them multiple inputs – history of the technology and technology evolution (to aid economic modeling), detailed understanding of the technology and specifics of the patents & claims (to aid legal evaluation), locate, and provide assessment of, related prior art (to aid value assessment and quality of patents), and claim chart analysis (to aid in infringement analysis).

Optical Networking – Optical Switching, TDM Networks, Packet-Optical Systems

At issue was the assessment and evaluation of a very large selection of patents from a portfolio of telecommunications patents from a top 5 global vendor, for possible acquisition and development. The assignment involved classifying the patents into suitable categories – optical switching, optical networking, packet-optical systems, and TDM systems, and providing an assessment of their expected value/applicability for their remaining validity.

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"Thanks again for all of your hard work. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we’ll certainly reach out to you again when the next opportunity arises." Partner at nationally-ranked AM Law 100 firm in Silicon Valley.

"It’s been good to work with you on this [patent evaluation and reverse-engineering] process. It was great working with you earlier this year ... I look forward to getting another opportunity in the future." Patent Attorney at a boutique Boston-based IP law firm.

"I would rate you a “10” – best in class! ... … I am always amazed at the scope and breadth of understanding of the technology in our industry, and the trends [that you display] … the ability to work on many different areas. ... this is your core expertise, and that is why you are so successful ..." Fellow & Vice-President of Software at a Silicon-Valley market leader of networking interconnects.