Carrier OfferingsTelcos, ISPs, OTTs, Cloud Infrastructure

Network design:

Validate new technologies by analytical and experimental methods, develop a strategy for upgrading/evolving networks, and analyze available alternatives and their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Illustrative areas in this category may include: the development of Layer 1 strategies, the integration of L1/L2/L3 strategies, and the design of strong SLA’s, based, for example, on MPLS VPN technology or a combination of DiffServ and MPLS.

Next generation requirements definition:

Help in formulating the problem in key carrier focus areas. For example, how and when to introduce certain new technologies, which services are practical, and the approaches to realizing them. Help in the definition of RFPs for new products/technologies and in assessing and analyzing responses, and assist in RFP adjudication.

Vendor selection:

Analysis of selected software and hardware architectural trade-offs, provide decision-analysis and decision support based on the carrier’s ongoing needs and future plans, equipment evaluation, help different technology groups within a carrier organization (for example, the transport, IP, and ATM groups) understand the features and benefits of products from different vendors. 

Knowledge enhancement:

Clear understanding of new standards and their business value and development risks, separate hype from reality, distill information, guide carriers through the maze of industry and standards activity to help them come to conclusions regarding new standards, protocols, technologies, and products based on reasoned analysis.

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