Vendor OfferingsChip/ASIC, System, Software

Technology strategy:

Leverage technology and standards knowledge to summarize the latest and relevant developments in standards bodies (such as the CCAMP, MPLS, and IPO Working Groups of the IETF, or the OIF-UNI and NNI standardization efforts), undertake standards representation in bodies such as the T1X1 Committee, OIF, and the ITU, separate hype from reality and present credible arguments for new technology adoption, provide an accurate view of the market.

Architecture and algorithm design:

Validate software and hardware architectures vis-a-vis market and development timeframes, design and develop algorithms for various aspects of a vendor’s system. For example, signaling overhead modification for fast, shared-mesh restoration in TDM networks, or signaling protocol enhancement for optical recovery.  

Internal education:

Deliver customized short courses or seminars on relevant industry trends, applications of new technologies, carrier perspectives, and on other technical areas of interest to the client. Distill concepts to help management, engineering, product development, and product marketing understand, appreciate, and apply those concepts.  

Competitive analysis:

Evaluate components or chips (for example, network processors, traffic managers, or queue managers) from different manufacturers; perform feature comparisons based on vendor needs and requirements, and vendor established benchmarks.

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