Network Architecture and Design Series

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Network Architecture and Design Series Videos

The Network Architecture and Design Series of videos are a unique, no-frills, no-nonsense series of videos designed to eluciate some of the fine points of network design.

The videos typically focus on network architecture and design questions that arise in the Carrier Ethernet Group or other forums in the industry. Namely, questions that were either discussed at length in the Group and resolved, but which, therefore, need to be summarized for the larger community to benefit from the discourse. Or, they consist of questions that were debated, but for which a satisfactory answer wasn't obtained, so there is a need for framing such discussionsn and providing a resolution.

At present, about a dozen videos in this series exist on our Google+ events page, ranging in topics from configured committed burst size, to the defnition of CIR/EIR, to how to monitor uptime for an Ethernet services. Other topics covered include carrier case studies from the TC3 Summit covering cloud infrastructure, wireless infrastructure and customer experience management.

This is a continuously growing and evolving series, and ideas for topics to be covered in future episodes/broadcasts are welcome!

The current videos can be accessed here.