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Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO! , Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO

 This carrier-focused panel is part of the industry initiative on Provider Network Health Assessment, spearheaded by Metanoia, Inc., which is detailed here, and that was launched in the Fall of 2011 after consultation and discussion with over several dozen industry leaders.

The activities organized under the aegis of this initiative were conceived, designed, planned, co-ordinated, and lead by Dr. Vishal Sharma of Metanoia, Inc., in cooperation with leaders and experts of the contributing companies.

This unique, international, on-line panel brings together over a dozen players from the carrier eco-system, including names like TELUS, TATA Communications, Twitter, Linked In, CTS Telecom, Cisco, ADVA, Opnet, InfoVista, Packet Design, Amartus, AOL, Juniper, and more to discuss and debate key issues in end-to-end performance management, which is a topic of considerable contemporary relevance to every carrier, big or small, all across the globe! With the very definition of what it means to be a "service provider" changing rapidly, streamlined management of the network's performance, and appropriate interactions with one's upstream and downstream providers, is a key to profitability in today's dynamic telecom environment.

The topics covered are outlined here, while the genesis of this panel is explained in the video here. Distilled insights from Roundtables between the panelists in the lead-up to the panel start here.

Carriers World Asia 2012 , March 28-29, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

Advisor : Optimising Total Cost of Ownership in a Content-Centric World, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This carrier-focused panel was designed to explore the relationship between the over-the-top or content providers of today and the traditional carrier or infrastructure provider. The aim was to first ask what the key elements are for a successful wholesale and retail telco business model, and then see how telco offerings need to be reassessed to match the opportunities in the content world, and ask how the telco could identify and fill the gaps in its business that did not capitalize on content.

Dr. Vishal Sharma of Metanoia, Inc. was invited to serve on the Advisory Committee of Carriers World Asia 2012, and worked closely with the organizers providing a number of insightful suggestions on the program and the conference outreach, plus valuable guidance that helped to shape the agenda of the conference, and the structure and format of the above panel.

MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2012 , February 7-10, 2012

Marriot Hotel

Paris, France

Chairman: MPLS End-to-End: A Realistic Paradigm?, Thursday, February 09, 2012

This flagship Roundtable at the event was conceived, coordinated, and chaired by Dr. Vishal Sharma of Metanoia, Inc., which involved examining the applicability of MPLS in metro and access networks (in addition to the core, as has traditionally been the case), and asking how feasible that was, and under what circumstances was it doable. It involved a lively discussion between experts from all segments of the carrier eco-system, and included: Thomas Beckhaus, Deutche Telekom; Christoph Loibl, Silver Server; Xipeng Xiao, Huawei; George Swallow, Cisco; Hector Avalos, Ericsson; Yaakov J. Stein, RAD Data Communications; Zeev Draer, MRV; and Rajesh Kumar Sundararajan, Aricent.

An excellent brief on the Day 2 of the event, and on the panel by Tom Nadeau can be found here, while a video excerpt (with subtitles) of the panel can be found here (click on the video icon at the top of the post).

Complete video coverage of this Roundtable may be found (due to the tireless efforts of Vijee Djegaof Upperside; Thanks Vijee!) here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

NANOG54 (North American Network Operators Group) Meeting , February 5-8, 2012

Westin Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego, CA

Chair/Moderator: Smart Management for Robust Carrier Network Health and Reduced TCO!, Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In this carrier-focused panel, we delved into the role that configuration management & audit plays in carrier network health assessment. This panel involved a mix of leading experts from the entire eco-system including: Jay Moran, Distinguished Engineer, AOL; Shawn Moriss, IP Development Manager, NTT America; Robert Bender, Chief Architect/Network Operations Manager, CTS Telecom, Bruce Katzel, VP Marketing, Amartus, and Colby Barth, Distinguished Engineer, Juniper.

In this panel, 3 operators of different reach/size (NTT America, AOL, & CTS Telecom) highlighted the techniques, approaches, and software they were using for config. management and audit. A system vendor (Juniper) discussed advances in the routers themselves to support efficient configuration, and a software vendor (Amartus) discussed the need to coordinate configurations across systems to offer a service (e.g. VPNs, ELANs, etc.). [So, elements such as having a CMDB (centralized management database), developing templates, training operational staff to automate routine tasks (thus freeing them to focus on advanced services), and having configuration backups were the focus here.]

The panel received excellent reviews from the NANOG54 audience, and can be seen here. A live video recordingof this panel can be found here.

India Telco (India Telecommunications Summit) , December 15-16, 2011

IIT Bombay

Mumbai, India

Chair/Moderator : Carrier Network Health, Tuesday, December 16, 2011

In this carrier-focused panel, we look at carrier network health assessement for two issues vital to operators in the region: power efficient equipment design, and network measurement. The panel involved a mix of experts from the carrier eco-system including: Pranesh Babu, CTO, Sify; Upendra Manyam, CTO Commtel Networks; Shamim Akhtar, Sr. Director Network Architecture & Technology, Comcast; Madhwesh Kulkarni, VP Carriers Services & Solutions, Aricent; and Ajay Ranjan Mishra, Global Head of Industry Environment, NSN.

An introduction to Carrier Network Health is here, while excerpts from the Panel are at: Part 1 and Part 2, respectively.

MEF 10th Anniversary Meeting,25-28 July 2011

Renaissance Stanford Hotel

905 California Street, Nob Hill

San Fransisco, CA 94108

Marketing & Technical Sessions: Dynamic Responsive Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul QoS

10th Anniversary Gala Dinner: Artesia Winery, Napa Valley

NANOG52 (North American Network Operators Group) Meeting , 11-15 June 2011

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

1550 Court PlaceDenver, CO 80202

Chair/Moderator: Capacity Planning Panel, Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This carrier-centric panel focused on Capacity Planning in large service provieder networks. In particular, in representative networks of Qwest/CenturyLink and Verizon. The panelists were: Duke Fisher, Lead Engineer, Verizon, Thomas LundstromStaff Engineer, Qwest Communications, Arman Maghbouleh, President, Cariden Technologies, Dave Wang, President & Co-Founder, WANDL.

The panel involved excellent presentations by Tom Lundstrom (Qwest) and Duke Fisher (Verizon) on how they were using network planning and design tools to effectively handle large-scale design and network integration activities in their respective networks. This was followed by an interactive discussion on a number of aspects of capacity planning and design, and the state-of-the-art today on network design tools, and how operators are using them, where Arman Maghbouleh of Cariden, and Dave Wang, of WANDL, provided insightful perspectives on what is doable today, and what may be coming down the pike.

This panel received very good reviews from the NANOG audience (in addition to several in-person kudos!), and can be seen here (scroll down to Wednesday, to see the highlighted comments on the panel.) A live video recording of the panel is available here!

MPLS & Ethernet World Congress , 8-11 February, 2011

Hotel Sofitel Paris Forum Rive Gauche

17 Boulevard Saint Jacques

75014 Paris, France

Invited Chairman: Debate on MPLS-TP OAM and Use Cases

(Note: Dr. Vishal Sharma, of Metanoia, Inc. was not able to make this event due to a client schedule conflict, and the debate was chaired by another well-recognized and long-time MPLS/Ethernet expert, Carsten Rossenhoevel of EANTC instead.)