Specific Areas of ExpertiseTechnological Focus & Expertise

Optical Networking

WDM/DWDM networking / systems, principles Wavelength translation / methods, schemes, algorithms, analysis
Optical switch design; analysis of all-optical switching schemes Wavelength assignment / algorithms, techniques, limitations
Packet-optical integration and networking TDM, SONET/SDH , OTN transport networks / technologies, standards, protocols, systems
Recovery schemes for optical mesh networks Design of IP-based routing/signaling protocols for TDM/WDM networks

Wireless Networking

Mobile backhaul architecture, technologies, and techniques for 2G/3G and 4G/LTE networks PHY/MAC interactions in 4G WiMax/LTE networks
Base-station and handset scheduling algorithms Cross-layer design of scheduling schemes for 4G and 5G wireless networks/systems
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) architecture; LTE core network design Security issues in cellular data networks
QoS algorithms for wireless broadband access (WBA) networks (3G, WiMaX, 4G/LTE) 4G/LTE and WiMax network architectures
Frequency assignment algorithms and capacity analysis for cellular radio  

Packet Networking & Network Infrastructure

System design (L1, L2, L3 systems, high-speed switches, routers at Layers 2-7) Switch scheduling and flow-management algorithms; switch scheduling schemes and virtualization techniques
Networking chips/ASICs/SOCs Network management and operation
Software/firmware for switches/routers Network planning and design / network load, load distribution, recovery schemes
Algorithm & protocol design, system analysis, packet network design & analysis IP, ATM, Ethernet, and MPLS systems design and network design; recovery schemes for MPLS networks
Network architectures, roadmaps for Tier 1/2/3 telcos, and ISPs, and service evolution Integrated packet-optical devices

Internet Design & Architecture

Ethernet & Carrier Ethernet / technologies, network design & architecture IP-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): L2 VPNs (VPLS/VPWS), L3 VPNs (BGP-based VPNs)
Routing protocols (OSPF, IS-IS, BGP) MPLS technology / operation, network design, system architecture
Traffic engineering / principles, protocols, techniques, tools Quality-of-Service (QoS) & Traffic Management / mechanisms, methods, algorithms, implementation in systems, application in networks
Internet Protocols: TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, DNS Data link, network, and transport layers
Internet standardization process, IETF operation, evolution of IPR rules in the IETF  

Cloud and Data-Center Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) / technology, protocols, systems Network Functions Virtualization (NFV): principles, systems & network design
Service function chaining, VNFs (virtual network functions) Virtualization techniques, and protocols
Intra- and Inter-Data-Center design and protocols (VXLAN, NVGRE) Performance monitoring and orchestration
Data Center switch/router design, software-defined data centers (SDDCs) E-VPNs for virtualization and data-center interconnect

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Client Comments ...

" ... both [a sophisticated and complete view of the technology and our prior-art disclosures] were important factors in getting to the dismissal, and you made important contributions on both fronts." Partner at leading San-Francisco AM Law 100 firm.

"What you do is fairly unique ... Your level of engagement, I can't say that I actually have [seen it elsewhere]. ... What you offer are very technical and, in depth, investigative exercises, which are very difficult to get in my prior experience, very difficult to get someone to really put in the effort to learn the ins and outs." VP of Engineering at a leading-edge pulse laser systems company and, earlier, at a routing systems company.

"Your perspective both from the engineering/technical point of view and ... the market is very, very useful and quickly narrowing down what the areas of focus should be and prioritizing what should be worked on, given the resources that different organizations have [is critical] ... which is what you have established yourself for." Distinguished Engineer and Chief Software Architect at a top-vendor of switching and storage gear.