Technical LeadershipOur Contributions to Industry Innovation

Metanoia, Inc.'s Dr. Vishal Sharma has guest edited several Feature Topics issues of the IEEE Communications Magazine. These include:

"Advances in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)," with Luyuan Fang of ATT and Nasir Ghani of Tennesse Tech. University, due to appear in April 2007.  

"Challenges in Enabling Inter-Provider Service Quality on the Internet," with Monique Morrow and Tom Nadeau of Cisco Systems, and Loa Andersson of Acreo, which appeared in June 2005.  

"OAM in MPLS-based Networks," with Monique Morrow and Tom Nadeau of Cisco Systems, which appeard in October 2004.  

(The IEEE Comm. Mag. is the official technical publication of conferences such as Supercomm, and has the unique distinction of being the most widely read IEEE journal, with its over 50,000 paid subscribers representing key communications engineers and technical managers in our industry. More information on the IEEE Comm. Mag., may be found here.)  

Metanoia, Inc.'s principals have been core individual contributors supporting innovation in several areas of high-speed switching/routing, inter-provider issues, and optical networking, including the enhancement and application of IP-based signaling and routing protocols for TDM (SDH/SONET) and optical networks, the development of inter-region diverse path routing schemes, multi-layer MPLS-based restoration schemes, and inter-domain routing.  

A selection of the work done in these areas includes: 

A. D'Achille, M. Listanti, U. Monaco, F. Ricciato, and V. Sharma "Diverse Inter-Region Path Setup/Establishment,"draft-dachille-diverse-inter-region-path-setup-00.txt, July 2004.

R. Rabbat, V. Sharma, and T. Hamada "Carrier Survey Results on GMPLS-based Shared-Mesh Transport Restoration Strategies,"draft-rabbat-ccamp-carrier-survey-00.txt, July 2004.

G. Bernsterin, E. Mannie, V. Sharma, "A framework for MPLS-based control of SDH/SONET networks," draft-ccamp-sdhsonet-control-frmwrk-03.txt, July 2004.

K. Shiomoto, V. Sharma, Y. Seumura, "Analysis of Misconnection Scenarios in GMPLS Networks," draft-shiomoto-ccamp-misconnection-analysis-00.txt, June 2004.

R. Rabbat and V. Sharma (Editors) "A Fault Notification Protocol for GMPLS-based Recovery in Shared Mesh Networks,"draft-rabbat-fault-notification-protocol-05.txt, May 2004.

R. Rabbat, V. Sharma, Z. Ali "Expedited Flooding for Restoration in Shared-Mesh Transport Networks,"draft-rabbat-expedited-flooding-01.txt, February 2004.

K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter (Editors) "Routing Extensions in Support of Generalized MPLS," draft-many-ccamp-gmpls-routing-09.txt, October 2003.

K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter (Editors) "OSPF extensions in support of Generalized MPLS,"draft-kompella-ospf-gmpls-extensions-12.txt," October 2003.

K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter (Editors) "IS-IS extensions in support of Generalized MPLS," draft-ietf-isis-gmpls-extensions-19.txt, October 2003.

V. Sharma and F. Hellstrand (Editors), "A framework for MPLS-based recovery,"RFC3469, February 2003.

L. Berger (Editor), "Generalized MPLS: Signaling functional description," RFC 3471, January 2003.

P. Ashwood Smith, L. Berger (Editors), "Generalized MPLS: Signaling – CR-LDP extensions,"RFC 3472, January 2003.

P Ashwood Smith, L. Berger (Editors), "Generalized MPLS: Signaling – RSVP-TE extensions," RFC 3473, January 2003.