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With expertise that spans both legacy and emerging wireless and wireline technologies/systems at the access, metro, edge, and core network segments, Metanoia Inc. is ideally suited to apply its knowledge of technological and business parameters and its industry experience to the design and deployment of next-generation converged networks and services, and to accelerate its clients' efforts to realize the full potential of their respective markets.

Systems engineering:

Design and analysis of edge/metro/core switches and routers, base stations, optical transport equipment; control- and data-plane sizing and critical path analysis, scalability and performance analysis, requirements specification at multiple layers (Optical, TDM, Ethernet, IP)

Performance analysis and optimization:

System dimensioning for efficiency, network dimensioning of packet-based data (IP, Ethernet, ATM), cable (DOCSIS 3.0), wireless (WiMax, Cellular, Wi-Fi), and transport networks for resilience and QoS; wireless system capacity and QoS; channel estimation and synchronization

Next-generation network and system architecture:

Traffic management and QoS in packet-based equipment; traffic engineering and network design of metro Ethernet, cable, optical, and wireless networks

Algorithm/protocol design and analysis:

For scheduling, queueing, traffic management, and QoS, flow control, signaling and routing protocols, cross-layer design of wireless networks, traffic engineering of packet networks - IGP tuning, path layout, restoration planning; wireless base-band operation, and DSP multimedia

Technologies and standards:

IP, ATM, MPLS/GMPLS, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, PON and its variants, CDMA, GSM/3G, WiMax (802.1d, e, j), Wi-Fi, WCDMA; active in bodies such as the IETF, MFA and IEEE, and in forums like NANOG, Apricot, and SANOG.


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