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Metanoia, Inc.'s network of exclusive, world-leading, international experts comes together to interact and work with our clients worldwide.

Over the past decade, we have evolved a unique model where we are able to quickly assemble dynamic teams of anywhere from just a couple to over a half-dozen, elite, world-class experts to solve the most intractable, vexing, and complex of client problems, and efficiently deliver solutions to clients in a seamless manner, bringing to bear the collective experience and wisdom of our entire team (which we believe is unique in our industry).

In the past, our teams have included consultants from Canada, Italy, Australia, India, USA, Germany, and Austria, among others. The active industry relationships of this network of experts, and the productive relationships forged over a decade of leadership in the industry by Metanoia, Inc.'s Principal Technologist & Founder, Dr. Vishal Sharma, permit us to assemble teams of a class and make-up, largely unparalleled in the industry -- ranging from theoreticians, academics, analysts, & product management leaders to protocol experts, software design architects, and system visionaries, to hardware specialists, and network design & engineering architects.

This one-of-a-kind make-up leads to the creation of, what some have aptly called, dream teams . The reason being that it would be extremely hard (if not near impossible) to identify, access, invite, assemble, coordinate, manage, and then bear to work, such outstanding team's (that are custom-selected for the problem at hand) on a client's problem any other way.

Additionally, Metanoia, Inc. has also developed relationships with other leading and trusted industry partners, with a wide skill set and varied strengths. These partners work with clients, under the Metanoia, Inc. umbrella (or independently, depending on the specifics of the assignment), to bring other valuable skills to the table, such as program or project management, lab. trials, testing of systems or networks, custom communication sub-system or software development, and the like.

 Our Founder

Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma earned the B. Tech. (EE) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and the M.S. (Signals & Systems), M.S. (Computer Engineering) and the Ph.D. (ECE) degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara, respectively.

Dr. Sharma has over 20 years of diverse research, academic, industry, and consulting experience in networking and telecom technologies, having worked in system architecture, protocol design, system analysis and optimization, software prototyping, and network planning and algorithms for both wireline and wireless networks and systems. 

Dr. Sharma has 12 patents issued in the areas of MPLS recovery, high-speed switch architectures and scheduling, optical routing, and the IP control of SONET/SDH networks. He is has been active in standards bodies, such as the IETF and OIF, with over 10 RFC's published, and was a key contributor to the generalized MPLS standards. In the recent past, he has been active in industry dialogs in the areas of SDN, NFV, and cloud computing, having delivered a keynote at the Network Transformation Congress 2019, been invited to the Linux Foundation's Open Networking Innovation Forum in 2018 and 2017, and having been on the Advisory Board of the Software-Defined Infrastructure Track of TiECon 2013, and the Co-Chair for the Cloud Infrastructure Track for TiECon 2014 (the world's biggest conference on entrepreneurship and technology). Metanoia, Inc. is also a member of the ETSI NFV ISG. 

Dr. Sharma is a Senior Member (2001) of the IEEE, a Life Fellow (2005) of the IETE, has been a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the Broadband Forum, and is a frequent panelist, chair, invited speaker, and educator in the US and abroad (Europe, Australia, South-Asia, and Asia-Pac), having delivered over 145+ invited talks, seminars, tutorials, keynotes, workshops, and panel/conference chairmanships. He is/has been on the Scientific Committee's of the World Telecommunications Conference, V6 World, MPLS World Congress (Paris), Wi-MAX Summit (Paris), FutureCon (New York), iPOP (Japan), and several academic conferences, such as IEEE's ICC, Globecom, and LAN/MAN Workshop. He has lectured at the University of California, Berkeley (Extension) and the University of California, Santa Cruz (Extension), and has also lead research and taught at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). 

Dr. Sharma is also Group Leader and Moderator of the Carrier Ethernet Group on LinkedIn, which now has over 12,000 professionals at all levels of involvement (from executive and engineering management to accomplished network and design architects, to young professionals), from over 3,128 companies, 142+ nations, and all 6 inhabited continents, actively engaged in discussions on advanced packet technologies, network architecture & design, and telecom strategy, and involves stakeholders from all corners of the networking industry diaspora. 

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For a detailed CV listing industry contributions, honors, standards contributions, academic & industry publications, and accomplishments kindly call Dr. Sharma at +1 408-394-6321 or Dr. Sharma's office at +1 650-641-0082.