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Conversations with Experts is a Metanoia, Inc. Signature Series, which we are proud to have launched in conjunction with our 10th anniverasy in June 2011!

(On June 5th, 2011, we completed 10 successful years in business, thus, achieving a milestone that we are modestly proud of -- a milestone made possible by the fine group of professionals we have had the privilege to interact with over these 10 years -- ranging from clients, customers, and patrons, to partners, collaborators, and professional colleagues from all segments of the telecom ecosystem on multiple continents, to friends and well-wishers, whose inputs, advice, and blessings have brought us this far!)

This is a unique series, designed to take a contemporary topic in telecommunications, and explore it in some detail with an industry authority or expert, deeply involved with that topic. The idea is to share insights, debate issues, discuss problems, evalute solutions -- in short, to provide a valuable capsule of knowledge and insight not easily available, in this form, from the more regular sources. Our goal, as always, is to advance understanding of our industry, it's complexities, it's systems and processes, and, above all, it's people!

The range of topics is as vast as our interests, and as rich as our industry -- ranging from hardware and software platforms/systems (switches, routers, cross-connects, optical gear), to software systems (for diagnostics, monitoring, managing, and configuring communication networks), to software tools (for planning, designing, testing, and evaluating telecom systems/networks), to ASICs, chips, and SOCs (that form the very heart of modern telecom systems), to infrastructure, and telecom network management. It includes technologies of yonder and those on the horizon, from SONET/SDH to 4G/LTE, and it encompasses perspectives from practitioners to researchers, to academics.

We welcome your comments, feedback, inputs, flames, encouragement, and thoughts. Simply, email us at experts@metanoia-inc.com. Or, if you feel strongly about a topic, pick-up the phone and call us directly at 1-888-641-0082! We are always keen to receive your inputs, because we wish this to be relevant to you, our audience and readers!

Metanoia, Inc. is pleased to currently offer the following episodes of our Conversations with Experts!
(Please click the links below to jump to each Conversations with Experts Episode. Each episode contains an introduction, the episode description, and the expert's biography!)
1. Architectures of Data Centers/Exchange Points : Bill Norton, Founder, DrPeering.net & Co-Founder Equinix (EQIX)
2. Designing for Off-Net Traffic? A Look at How Planning Tools Handle Peering Traffic Analysis, and the Profusion of IPTV and Mobile Backhaul Traffic : Dr. Dave Wang, CEO & Co-Founder, WANDL
3. From Telephone Poles to GPON & Packet-Optical Networking: 100 Years of a Rural Carrier’s Evolution! : Bob Bender, Network Operations Manager, CTS Telecom.
4. The IPv6 Conundrum: The Interplay Between Carriage, Content, and Regulation, and the Impact on Economies : Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC
5. Flexible Optical Transceivers: Answering the Call for Lower Costs from Network Operators! : Thomas Wieble, Chief Technology Officer, FlexOptix
6. Bufferbloat – How “Fat” Buffers Are Killing Internet Performance As We Know It! : Dr. Jim Gettys, Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs
The following episodes have been recorded, and are being edited for upload!
7. "Smart Mobile Applications" : Dr. Chandrasekhar Dharuman, CEO & Founder, Shrisheshaa Technologies
8. "Network-Centric and Service Centric Management" : Michael Kearns, CEO & Co-Founder, Amartus
9. "Spectrum Management: Principles, Practices, & Policies" : Dr. Abhay Karandikar, Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay (IITB)
10. "Enabling Cloud Infrastructure Design & Services Delivery" : Dr. Girish Saraph, CTO & Founder, Vegayan Systems
11. "Challenges of Mobile Backhaul in Emerging Markets" : Dr. Kumar Sivarajan, CTO & Co-Founder, Tejas Networks
12. "Smart Connected Communities" : Arvind Mathur, Strategic Technology Officer, India & South Asia Office of the CTO, Cisco Systems
13. "Impact of Upcoming Disruptions in the Communications Industry!" : Monique Morrow, Distinguished Engineer, Global Technology Leadership Team, Office of the CTO, Cisco Systems