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Metanoia, Inc. Spearheaded a One-of-a-Kind Industry Initiative on Performance Management & Monitoring in Service Provider Networks

Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO

Metanoia, Inc. lead and coordinated a unique, on-line, international panel titled "Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO! ," on July 17, 2012. The panel was a co-operative undertaking of a dozen plus leading players from the service provider eco-system, spanning, for instance, organizations such as: TELUS, TATA Communications, Twitter, Linked In, AOL, CTS Telecom, InfoVista, Opnet, Packet Design, Cisco, ADVA, Amartus, Juniper, and Adtran, among others.
It is worth noting that the panel in question was not a sponsored activity, but rather a co-operative industry initiative , where contributing experts from these organizations (and several others, who have been observers) have given their time, energy, and expertise to discuss this subject, and participate in the panel to collectively advance the industry's understanding, and share best-practices and techniques.
The purpose was to facilitate dialog and interaction between operators (wireless, wired, MSO, data center, and over-the-top players) and eco-system players (hardware & system vendors, software providers, testing vendors, OSS/BSS vendors) to gather the eco-system’s thinking on key issues in performance management. This distillation, via online and off-line interactive, structured panels and roundtables, plus writing and discussion on a number of carrier-oriented forums was designed to help raise the industry’s awareness about issues & needed solutions, and provide valuable insights to both carriers and eco-system players that can be incorporated in their processes and products, thereby improving service and carrier profitability.
We invite you to benefit from this exciting panel, and review the following:
Performance Management & Monitoring Panel
Click here for contents, agenda, and registration!
Insights into the Philosophy Behind the Initiative & Panel(s)
Click here for a behind the scenes look, and the genesis of the initiative and the panels!
Distillations from Roundtables Leading Up to the Panel
Click here for getting started on a distillation of key insights that emerged in the Roundtables leading up to the panel! (This post/vblog leads sequentially to others that build upon the thought processes, and take you systematically through the conclusions that emerged in our discussions.)