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Metanoia, Inc. brings focus on problems of strategic significance. The company works closely with its clients to define a precise problem statement, devise an optimum solution (for the case considered), and accelerate development/deployment of the chosen solution. Its solutions are characterized by a balance between business value and development/deployment risk.
Metanoia, Inc.’s domain expertise and its product development and architecture experience, combined with its critical systems thinking, enable the company to contribute across a wide spectrum of project areas. Below are some of Metanoia, Inc.’s specific offerings for both vendors and service providers.
Overview of Metanoia Services

To learn more about partnering with Metanoia, Inc., including:
How we help clients increase profits and productivity
Our work with service providers and chip/system/software vendors
Representative carrier-focused and vendor-focused projects & activities
Accolades from our Clients and Partners

Please download our presentation "7 Keys to Accelerate Profits by Partnering with Metanoia, Inc.: A Strategic Ally."

Our Client Accolades

We recognize that our clients/partners and what they have said about us is the best proof of our skills, expertise, experience, credentials, and credibility. For a small representative sample of the accolades we've received please click here. "Metanoia Inc. Client Accolades"