Wisps of SDN/NFV, MPLS Network Design, Net Neutrality, and Group & Member Achievements!

Hello Members,

We passed the 7,800 member mark this week, and are growing fast! The quality of discussions & contributions (like in weeks past) was outstanding – Sohail, Ali, Luc-Yves, Shuki, Andy, Nishant, et al shone with their insightful contributions. Thank you all for making this a consistently great environment for professional growth!

Also, do join me in congratulating our very own Asad Naveed (an esteemed contributor & mentor on our Group), on being inducted into the Broadband 100: an elite group of industry veterans/experts who will judge the Broadband Infovision Awards! http://linkd.in/Ud3xMr

This week also I’m segmenting our wide-ranging discussions for easy access:

New Technology:

Tom Nolle wrote a sharp piece teasing out what SDN and NFV mean at Layers 4-7 http://linkd.in/1mNHBD9, while Prayson (Pate) brought in a practical perspective, discussing the most interesting software-defined services http://linkd.in/1mNHBD9

You might want to read what these gentlemen have written – this is learning from some of the brightest minds in our industry. Ray (Sharma) shared an Infonetics Report that showed 83% of carriers will deploy VoLTE by 2016, up from a measly 3% today, leading to a sharp rise in IMS deployments http://linkd.in/1tT7rdM. This is spurred by the ability to offer converged services over a variety of access technologies.

Network Design:

We were rocking this week, with key discussions focused on MPLS TE-LSP design, interoperability in MPLS-TP, and industrial Ethernet. Not to mention network synchronization and World Cup 4G data!

There was a great discussion about network planning, instantiation, and configuration of load-balanced MPLS TE-LSPs for Shuki’s post http://linkd.in/1nKWs1k, and some excellent inputs to Sohail’s question on service disruption in a dual-homing mobile backhauling scenario http://linkd.in/1l5wpNA. Practical questions such as these that expose contemporary network architecture concepts provide a wonderful opportunity for gleaning best-practices. So, if I were you, I would certainly take the time to browse and contribute – believe me, you will have used your time wisely.

Ray’s other post on CarPlay http://linkd.in/1rsa4it , I thought, reminded us of just how pervasive Ethernet is, driving the next-generation of industrial applications, while his post on 35.6M tweets in the World Cup final draws attention to soaring data usage over mobile networks. Brazilian operators invested US$580+M in mobile infrastructure in the host cities for 15,000 3G/4G antennas, 120,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, & 10,000 km of optical fiber! http://linkd.in/1t5EE1s

Michael posted the replay link to the synchronization webinar http://bit.ly/WcqMaP

Internet Policy:

Ray’s piece http://linkd.in/1jRhw6O throws a curveball at net neutrality proponents when subscribers themselves desire differentiated QoS! A Jul-13 WSJ op-ed piece on micromanaging the web, which has the blogosphere rife with commentary is worth a read in this context http://on.wsj.com/Wiwc4v

Events & Activities:

Lauren (Menzies) sent in the post-show report for the NFV & SDN World in London recently, http://linkd.in/1tTcfQq Thanks Lauren!

Finally, a shameless plug for a cheesy piece I wrote (no, not “cheesy” cheesy, Parmesan cheese cheesy :-)), that I’d love some feedback on (hey, yours truly needs some TLC once-in-a-while!) http://linkd.in/1n5mUh3

Folks if you haven’t taken a look lately at the wealth of ideas and insights available here each week, then you’re letting your membership languish by your inactivity and lack of participation! And, missing out on a golden opportunity. If I were you, I’d reap the rewards of active engagement and contribution, and in that process expand professionally while also contributing to the strengthening of our community/industry.

As always, until next time, may the bits in your bytes and the bytes in your packets be profitable!

Best wishes,