CECP Qs, Jumbo CE Tablets(!), Big Data Bandwidth, and Clouds with Wedges!

Hello Members,

We ended Q2 with 120 discussions & 240+ comments, a testimony to our active community!

i) This week, the MEF’s CECP exam was in the limelight, with Nishant (Nema) asking about options to get CECP certified in India http://lnkd.in/bh5qEgA, and tools and resources available to do so, and Suhail (Mohammad) wondering why the MEF does not have a “CE Expert” and “CE Architect” certification a la Cisco? http://lnkd.in/bZYdJdi. Brad Hutchins felt that the MEF would probably need to create a CECP 3.0 directed at the technical engineering professional (since, in Brad’s view, CE 1.0 and 2.0 were directed at the sales, marketing personnel), which is interesting given Larry Samberg’s recent call http://lnkd.in/bMxrjUp for use-cases for MEF’s new CE Business Professional (CEBP) certification (check out Nishant’s discussion to view comments, since LI does not link directly to the comments).

Nishant summarized the feedback he received from numerous experts in our Group, thus, exemplifying the “pay it forward” spirit that underpins our interactions here.
We’re all still looking forward to the response of the various MEF experts in the Group to Suhail’s pointed question – why after all, isn’t there a “CE Expert” certification?

ii) Azhar (Khuwaja) posted a ROLF cartoon on TCP & packet switching origins http://linkd.in/1qLiUHu (with jumbo stone tablets!) that Sam (Masud) and Robert (Morlan) promptly pointed out actually began with X.25 (!), which of course would require another cartoon entirely :-).

On a related front, Anuradha (Udunuwara) posted an excellent presentation on the Why and What of Carrier Ethernet http://linkd.in/1meWgIm (a jumbo magnum opus of 164 slides, which spans the entire development of Ethernet). A great resource for those looking for a nice compendium of key CE knowledge.

iii) In other news, Jeremiah (Mullens) posted on the ever-present need for bandwidth and it’s trends http://linkd.in/1qc8OjQ, and how it was specially needed with the advent of big data (big pipes for big data!) http://linkd.in/1lLcCad.
Coincidentally, Ray (Sharma) posted about the need for CSPs to monetize Big Data, and how they are thinking about it, http://bit.ly/1qsrqOe.

iv) Carrier Ethernet and the cloud(s) have been at the forefront lately. Michael (Lemm) posted on how CE needs more work before it can float with the clouds 🙂 http://linkd.in/1m3FIBo, and I posted on how hybrid clouds will be a nearly $80B business by 2018, http://linkd.in/1qca5XY, and how the Internet-of-Everything is changing networking as we know it http://linkd.in/1qcaxFR.

And, I posted on how Facebook’s “Wedge” platform could likely be the hammer that drives a nail into Cisco’s Ethernet switch business 🙂 http://linkd.in/1mOtCMZ. What do you think? Do share your views…

v) Finally, following up on Patrick’s (Lopez) post on experience assurance, I found a nice post by Scott Snedden of Nuage on why policy was key to SDN orchestration http://linkd.in/1sSB2DJ, and had a chance to hear Scott Shenker provide an excellent retrospective on SDN at his talk at the Control Freaks SDN Meetup last week; for more details check out http://bit.ly/VB2FTg (highly recommended for those in and around Silicon Valley; they typically have a full-house each meetup).

So, folks if you haven’t been very active in the Group or taken a look at the wealth of ideas and insights that are available here each week, you’re missing out on a goldmine of knowledge.
I encourage you to utilize your membership by active participation and contribution, and in that process both expand yourself professionally while also contributing to the strengthening of our community/industry, as your colleagues are doing!

Do feel free to write to me with your thoughts and/or ideas at any time at v.sharma@ieee.org or via LinkedIn.

As always, until next time, may the bits in your bytes and the bytes in your packets be profitable!

Best wishes,